Adventure Blog – タワーの威力/Power of the Tower



10月は乳がん早期発見強化月間(Breast Cancer Awareness Month)。




ということで、今後は東京タワーについては、Atmoph Window 2ライブストリーミングで見たいと思います。この夏は、ブルーインパルスの飛行がばっちりライブで見られたり、


I spent entire summer on cheering for the Olympics and Paralympics this year, and was stunned so much with the huge difference in aesthetic sense shown by the coolness of the preview video of Paris, where the Olympics will be held in 2024… then time flies, it is October now.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month to promote early detection of breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon is the symbol, and landmarks all over the world are dyed pink, and I think this is the most familiar movement among the many campaigns.

Among the landmarks, the lighting up of the towers of various countries is so beautiful that it gets a huge response on TV and on social media. In the past, every time I went on a trip, I used to rebel against why a mere tower was a tourist attraction, but now I feel the power of towers as more than just a tourist attraction.

First of all, the tower has the power to deliver a message. Because of its beautiful and magnificent presence, the Pink Ribbon Campaign, for example, only expresses itself in colors, but certainly delivers the message contained in those colors.

As for the Tokyo Tower, it also has a big impact on real estate prices. According to a survey conducted this year by Tokyo Kantei, 
“the value of the view of Tokyo Tower is added to the price by about 10-25%.”
I actually had a slight view of Tokyo Tower from my apartment, but due to construction work in my neighborhood that started recently, the tip of the tower, which was slightly visible, is finally no longer visible. This is a big problem.

So, from now on, I would like to see Tokyo Tower on Atmoph Window 2 live streaming for Tokyo Tower. 
This summer, we were able to see the flight of the Blue Impulse exactly live, and during the closing ceremony of the Paralympics, the word “ARIGATO” was projected clearly. 

In October, while watching Tokyo Tower turned pink in real time, this will definitely remind me that I haven’t signed up for my health checkup yet this year!